The Stamford Boys & Girls Club

Partnering Climbing Gym: BETA Climbing Gym


There is so much to celebrate at the Stamford Boys and Girls Club – see below!

“Climbing is a super fun and fast-growing sport, but also an expensive one” says Craig Baker, CEO for the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford. “Now, we can expose our youth to the benefits of climbing without cost being a barrier.”

“Climbing has the potential to change the trajectory of a kid’s life.” says Jorgeson. “We are thrilled to bring climbing to the kids of the Stamford Bay Boys and Girls Club.”

  • Boys & Girls Club of Stamford is a dedicated youth facility that is open daily, managed by professional staff, and made available and affordable to all youth.  We serve more than 1,600 children (grades K-12), offering programs and services to promote and enhance their development. We inspire confidence, a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence in this POSITIVE PLACE FOR KIDS.
  • The Mary C. Rich Clubhouse , where the wall is located, serves students from grades 4-12. On average, this clubhouse will serve 500 individual students. In this first year that the wall is open, 500 kids will be introduced to the new climbing wall.
  •  The Mission of Boys & Girls Club of Stamford is to enable all youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. We strive to empower our youth and provide a safe and supportive environment with caring adult professionals and volunteers. We endeavor to achieve our mission by offering facilities, programs, and support systems that assist young people in their academic, social, athletic and cultural pursuits. Our formula for impact focuses on children’s academic success, good character, citizenship and healthy lifestyles.
  • BGCS is located in census tract 214 on Stamford’s West side, where over 70% of the community is categorized as low income. With over 45% of our youth coming from single parent households, many of these young people have no adult supervision at home and spend each day at the Club until parents return from work. 42% of our youth are African American, 50% Hispanic, 4% Caucasian, 2% multi-racial and 2% from other races. Approximately 58% of the members are male and 42% are female.

Donors // Collaborators

Get involved – donate to the 1Climb Stamford Project below.

Although this project is completed, the future sustainability of each climbing wall is not. Your donation will specifically go towards this climbing wall’s future programing such as maintenance, auto belay recertification, harness and shoe replacement, new holds, and climbing education materials. Thank you for playing a part in introducing 100,000 kids to climbing!